About us

Hanoi Hung Anh Co., Ltd. was set up in the year 2007 with the first activity of consulting in trade and investment. We have brought many foreign businessmen groups come to meet with Vietnamese authourities as well as companies.

The business  develops gradually and we have adopted combo services for our clients’ interest. We carry out complete trade services door-to-door while maintaining our first activity consultance in trading and investment.

If you want to know anything about the business in Vietnam, about casting industry in Vietnam, to check any company here in Vietnam or just want to buy cast iron products from us directly pls. do feel free to let us know. We try our best to meet your demand.

With us you will have an answer for your request within 24 hours!

Establishment year: 2007;

Language for communication: English, German, Vietnamese;

Main activity: Manufacturing and exporting cast iron products;

Main markets: Europe, Japan and America;

Main partners in Vietnam: All foundries of steel and iron casting;

Out motto:

We want to do business with  good friends all over the world!

We wish you are always success in doing business with us!

You will imagine where we are in Vietnam in this Google Map:

Herebelow is our old website since 2007: